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We have had an amazing journey since our establishment in 2002 and have received tons of awesome testimonials, feedback, suggestions and some honest critics. Browse through to know more.

Viresh Pujara is a very professional and experienced agent that always does his absolute best and puts his everything into helping with his model’s needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. He is a great, friendly person to work with and gives you the feeling that your comfort is his #1 priority and goal. Josee, Model

To be honest, I’m working with u for 5-6 years now. I can describe u Viresh Pujara with few words: trustworthy, honest, like angel -super nice, professional, caring models and partners, doing your best all the time, workaholic, and… I just noticed that I don’t have any negative feelings or things about u. I trust u so much bc so far, I think we both built our relationship showing our honest , real personality to each other which is the most important thing. I love working with u and I don’t wanna lose u! The best business partner and my friend whom I can rely on! Hope we can work more in 2017! God bless u Viresh Pujara! from Angelina Kang, Platinum Management Seoul Korea

Viresh Pujara has been a wonderful Partner mother agent, he is very professional and responsible as an agent who genuinely cares about his models and talents. I am positive that the models will enjoy their time working with Viresh Pujara at CoverModels Mumbai. Nat Sumon, Sumon Agency, Thailand

I think he (Viresh Pujara) has a wonderful eye, he’s scouted some great people. Brooke Bailey

I don’t know much about the fashion business but CoverModels showed me that I can have a successful career in modelling. Casey Taylor, Model

“The first thing I thought when I hear that our daughter had been approached by a model “talent scout” was “Check the guy out”. There are so many things that one hears in regards to modelling and they aren’t always good news. However, with regards to Viresh Pujara, everyone I spoke with either knew him, or had made use of his services. I think the best impression came when Ford Modelling Agency, one of the world’s most prestigious agencies, recognized him and spoke of him with high regard. CoverModels is marvelous! Viresh Pujara really cares about his clients and it shows!” Ron and Louise Carson, parents, Ottawa, Canada

Viresh Pujara definitely has a great eye in choosing talent, both male and female models. Nadia Canova, Montage Models, Montreal, Quebec

A producer with a Cinderella vision that can taste the page of fashion’s Book. John Kealey, Photographer, New York, NY

I am always very excited to work with honest and knowledgeable people like Viresh Pujara, and potential models will find in him the straightforward answers to thousands of questions about the modelling industry. Ana Nadezdic, Milan, Italy

Viresh Pujara is well connected in the fashion industry not only in Canada but in US and Europe as well. He recommended me to choose Next as my agency and helped keep me busy in Europe. He is always there supporting me, from how to choose a wardrobe and to select agencies in other countries. Min Ge, Model

We at UNO are delighted to be working with you and love your beautiful models. There are a lot of agencies and a lot of models but quality in both is not so common and professionals like you are few and far between. Here is to our continuing relationship. Michel Jouneau, UNO Models, Women’s Division, Barcelona, Spain

Viresh Pujara is one of the most professional models agents I had the pleasure to work with. Viresh is reliable, a man to count on. I’m working with Viresh for the last few months and I can already say confidently that he is a great agent, with a great eye, and above all a great guy with a great personality. Avsha Agasi, Director, Yuli Models, Tel Aviv

Not only is Viresh a pleasure to work with, but he has an amazing talent for finding and developing models. Before we even meet his talent he has already educated them with realistic expectations about our market. A definite advantage when you consider the busy pace of our industry! Lorraine Hartnett, Next Canada

Viresh Pujara definitely has an eye for picking great boys and girls. Richard Campbell, Toronto, Canada

Knowing and working with Viresh Pujara at CoverModels Management is a pleasure. He is always very friendly and enthusiastic and rightly so – his new faces are fabulous and it is evident he has a great relationship with the models he represents and thoroughly enjoys what he’s doing. Rosie Daley, models.com

CoverModels Management is the top choice if you want a top tier, Honest, and always working Management I went from bad Management to almost quitting my modelling career but after one last push found good management when I signed with Viresh Pujara at Cover Models he is always working with you around the clock to improve not only your Modelling but all aspects of your Career and pushes you towards the good of the business like your his own If your looking for a Reputable Management who cares about its Talent id sign with CoverModels. Douglas Langston, Model

My time working with COVERMODELS has been a refreshing experience for me, I have been a full time model for over ten years and am proud to have Viresh Pujara in my corner. He has always been there when I needed him and his eye for talent is astounding. I am proud to be a COVERMODEL. Justin Robitaille, Model

Viresh Pujara has a great eye, and he’s very responsible with the information he gives new talent. Cathy Ledrew, Director Plutino Models, Toronto, Canada

Viresh Pujara not only has provided a knowledgeable management company to the industry; he has an incredible eye for seeing talent, and an honest compassion for making sure that all this talent is heading in the right direction. I feel privileged to continually work with the positive direction he creates in this industry. Sean Thomas, Photographer, Miami, Florida

Viresh Pujara’s professional and honest advice has always helped me to make the right decisions when it comes to modelling; I trust Viresh and thank him for everything. Lauren Krantis, Model

Viresh Pujara is one of the best scouts in Ottawa. He brings us great talent that are both professional and educated on the business, and ready to model. His eye is one of the finest the Ottawa area has. Sean Beckingham, Toronto, Canada

I appreciate everything Viresh Pujara has done for me. He believed in me, and spent his time to see that all goes well. He’s done so much for me & the other models, I love him!! He’s an awesome guy, who deserves nothing but the best. Kristen Madill, Model

To be interested in, and to have a love for fashion is one thing – to raise the bar and challenge the standards of the fashion industry is something quite different. Viresh Pujara’s trusted and reliable dedication to his models is clearly evident in their progress within the field, locally and on an international level. That is why we at Mostly Makeup prefer to work with CoverModels exclusively. Andrew Morgan, National Artistic Director, Mostly Make-up Cosmetic Studios, Ottawa, Canada

It is a pleasure working with Viresh Pujara at CoverModels, he has an extraordinary eye for scouting the future talent for campaigns and each seasons runway. Debbie Herel, London England

There has been some time now that we work with CoverModels Management and the treatment is perfect! We represent some male models of them, like Casey Taylor and Andrew Demarsh in the Spanish market, and the response from the clients here is fantastic. Great models and great collaboration with the bookers! We wish all the best to all of you, Viresh Pujara! Yanis Muratidis Traffic Models, Men’s Division, Barcelona, Spain

The success of CoverModels Management is directly related to Viresh Pujara’s keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of the fashion industry. His personal management skills allows for a large amount of attention to be placed on each individual model. Joshua Brunetta, model

I place models in Japan where there is quite a bit of paper work that is time sensitive in order to obtain working visa’s and get signed contracts for the models. I have had the pleasure of working with Viresh Pujara owner of CoverModels Management placing his models in Tokyo. Viresh Pujara made sure every (t) was crossed and every (i) was dotted in the process. His communication skills are excellent, which makes you want to work with him again and again….plus he has a great eye for talent…Thank you Viresh Pujara! Sandi Bass

Viresh Pujara has a great eye for men!!! Superstars are sure to be found by him. Tara Lanoway, Wilhelmina Models, New York

I am always very impressed by the high caliber of models we find through CoverModels. The models always look the part and have the right material to get started on a successful career in the modelling business. Cindi Gerster, Lang Models